Just a Few of My Favorite Things

05 Mar

I admit it. I am a kitchen gadget junkie.  I could spend hours upon hours browsing at Williams and Sonoma or Sur la Tab, or any kitchen store for that matter.  I love looking for that one kitchen item that “I don’t have”.  I have found some really amazing things and then a few not so good things.  The kids favorite thing to tease me about are my  Cotton Candy  and  Sno Cone Machine purchases.  I thought it would be great to have both of them in my house–I am not really sure why, as we do not eat either of them.  After buying the cotton candy machine, the sugar, the flavorings, and the sticks, we went to work.  It was a sticky mess and we ended up with this tiny bit of stringy something on the end of the stick.  With all the money I spent on supplies we could have flown somewhere and bought some cotton candy!!!  The same thing happened with the sno cone machine.  I purchase the flavorings and the little sno cone cups and the machine jammed the first try and after working for over an hour, we ended up with one sno cone. This was years ago, but I have not learned my lessons well, as  I recently purchased a Soda Stream.  Now I have heard wonderful things about this, but again after buying the machine and the flavorings, I could have gotten a two year supply of Diet Coke.  And whoever said it tasted just like the real thing has never tasted the real thing,  We have listed this on KSL, hoping to find another sucker like me.

But my purchases have not all been in vain. If any of you have tried the Steamed Milk at Starbucks you will appreciate one of my favorite purchases so far.  If you have not, you are missing a treat.  It is wonderful frothy hot milk with the flavoring of your choice.  I love vanilla topped with a little nutmeg.  Jace and Jordan got me hooked on these and as usual I said   ” I can make this”.  So I set out to find the perfect milk frother.  After a few tries, I found it.  It is The Breville milk frother sold at Williams and Sonoma.  It is  a little pricey but well worth the cost. 

I love this thing.  It has been well worth the money  ( about $120 at Williams and Sonoma). Someone is using it just about every morning in the winter.  It makes great hot chocolate too.  The milk is very frothy and looks like whipped cream on the top.  We purchased some syrups from Starbucks.  Our favorite is the Vanilla and Sugar Free Vanilla, but the hazelnut and carmel are really good also.  I tried some steamed apple cider and then added the carmel flavoring with a little whipped cream on top drizzled with carmel sauce. Of course that was pre-Weight Watchers.  But you can used skim milk with the sugar free flavorings and have a great treat.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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