Jordans New Room

19 Mar

Well, Jordan had been wanting to redo her room for some time.  She had it in her mind that she wanted striped walls.  That may sound easy enough, but for the inexperienced so does childbirth.  So as always with great enthusiasm, we set off to fulfill her every dream. I had thought that the black and hot pink room that she had, was her every dream, but I guess dreams change.  I took the week off work and thought what a nice break it would be.  Well after 3 days of hard work and not being able to lift my arms or walk up a flight of stairs without narcotics, I was begging to go back to work to get some rest.  We started out by having stripping all the wallpaper off the walls.  The lady at the home depot, said it would be a very easy project. I bet it was her first day and she had some sort of personality disorder that made her enjoy the pain of others.  We did finally get the hang of it by the last wall.


Next came scrubbing the walls, taping all the trim and painting the walls a solid cream color.  I forgot to mention that on day one, we painted the ceiling while the wall paper was still on, so that we did not have to tape, as we painted it a little lighter than the wall.

This is a little dark, but shows the room with the wall paper off and getting ready to paint

Then came the hardest part of all.  Once again the website that we used to learn how to paint stripes made it sound so easy–just use laser level, tape and paint.  You can do it in a few hours and it will be so fun.  They did not mention that walls are never level, that your daughter would send you to time out because you were stressing her out, your lab puppy would go nuts over the laser and run into the walls and the wet paint, your back would hurt, your arms would hurt and it would take all day–into the evening and you would not be speaking to whoever was helping you by the time it was done. Also that you would go through 3 big gulps!!!!!! ( and numerous advil).

We used the large green frog tape and a laser level.  The walls were not level and we had to go back and measure each stripe after to make sure they were all even. The wall was 90 inches , so we made 9 stripes each 10 inches wide.  We started and ended with the cream.  You have to adjust a little to make up for uneven walls.  The next important tip is to take a paint brush lightly loaded with the base color (cream in our case) and paint over the edge of the tape that is facing the area that would be painted black.  This will help the paint from bleeding through. Then we used a roller and did several coats.  It is important to peel the tape off before it has time to dry thoroughly.

Here is where we are at.  We are finishing with some fun furniture and frame redos in the contrast colors of the pillow–coral and turquoise.  I will keep you posted on the progress. Then as soon as we forget this project and the pain involved, we will be starting on the other bedroom and bath.  Martha Stewart watch your back!!!!!

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Posted by on March 19, 2012 in DIY


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