She’s Home!!!!!

23 Jul

Jordan got home this week.

I am so glad to have her home. It is amazing how much I missed her.  It was wonderful experience and I am sure it has touched her life forever.  I think it would be so great for each of us to experience life outside of our little safe and secure world.  So many things that we take for granted each day, are things that many others around the world never dream to have.   How many times have you stepped into a hot shower and stopped to think how grateful you are for this tiny convenience.  How many times have you walked through the isles of the nearest grocery store with it’s endless shelves of any type of food that you could imagine.  Or filled up your cart with fresh vegetables and fruit, only to dispose of it the next week when it has not been eaten, and then hop in your car and head out to buy more.  How many times have you looked in your closet and had to wonder just what outfit you would wear that day and what pair of shoes would look the best.  We do these things every day and seldom stop to appreciate the many blessings we enjoy.  As I have listened to Jordan’s experiences I have asked myself why me here and why these woman there, . And always after asking myself this, I ask myself another question, what am I doing with these blessings to change the lives of others.  I must say that I am not always happy with my answer, because it is “very little”.  And I even find myself falling into that “poor me” attitude.  How can I even think that when there are so many around the world with so little and I have so much.  I am so grateful for Jordan’s experiences, as they have touched me so much and helped me look at thinks differently.

She came home a week early, as they learned that they were given thier shots too late to go to the jungle as planned.  The risks of yellow fever were small, but we felt that no matter how small, they were not worth the risk.  Jordan and Lexie were able to get an earlier flight out, just in time, as Lexie was so sick.  The water was turned off in their apartment and let me just say not a great time to be without running water or toilets.  They did not share any of this with us until they got home.

I found out only the day before that they were on their way and tried to pull things together before she got home. I stopped at the store and bought her favorite foods.  Lots of fruits and vegetables since that was something that they could not get.

I bought her a new pair of running shoes, as hers had things on them that we will not mention.  The dogs and I picked her up at the airport and it was a grand reunion.  With 2 days of travel and several days without water, she had a very unique odor. Let’s just say that if possible Charlie would have rolled in her!!!  Her are some pictures of the big day.

Welcome Home sign

There had to be presents

All dressed up

On our way

The Reunion!!!!!

While in the orphanage, Jordan took so many wonderful pictures, I will post all of my favorites in a slide show later.  She also took some video clips every day they were there and put together an amazing video, highlighting their experiences and their “girls”

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