The Jungle Room

03 Sep


As I was writing my last post about the beer bread and how I had tasted it for the first time on our honeymoon, I was reminded about a very embarrassing moment in our early marriage.  For some reason this came rushing back when I was writing this post.

It was our anniversary and money was a little tight and we had 3 small children.  We wanted to spend the night at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake but I just could not spend that kind of money for one night and we also did not want to leave the kids.

I looked up the rooms that were available to stay in and thought I would really surprise Dave and fix our room up to look just like the jungle safari room at the Inn.  I had all kinds of fake vines and branches tied to the bed posts, strung with little lights.  I had taken the kids stuffed animals and they were perched in the trees. I even had bunches of bananas tied to the trees.

As a special surprise, I had bought some leopard lingerie that was hanging from the branches.  It turned out so cute. 

My mother in law was in town with some of her “older ” friends fromHalfway Oregon and they stopped by to visit.  She of course wanted to take them on a tour of our house, which was her old house, and show them how I had fixed it up. I took her aside and told her she was welcome to show them the house, but please don’t go in the bedroom.

Well after a few minutes, back came 3 giggling  women, one was bright red with embarrassement ( not as red as I was though).   Texie said ” I just thought it was because your bed wasn’t made!!!!!!.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if she had not seen the leopard teddy hanging from the vines.

Bad part was, we didn’t even get to use it.  The kids were so thrilled with the jungle room, that they slept in it and Dave and I slept in the twin beds in their room.  Some things you just don’t want your mother in law to see.  Not sure why I remembered this tonight. This is how Dave responded to sleeping in the kid’s room!!!

I look back and remember all of the creative ways I surprised Dave for anniveraries, birthdays, etc and have such wonderful memories. I don’t know why I stopped doing those things, but they are so important,  Inee d to focus more on him and making him feel as if he is the most important person in my life–he is, but does he know it

I am always in such a hurry  and so wore out from work and taking care of mom, etc., that I forget to put the time into our relationship that I should.  He is always there and always so loving to me, and I don’t always recipricate.  I am going to make this the priority that it should be.  Not many are as lucky as I am to have such a great husband.

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