Scripture Reading Journal

27 Jan

I was up to mom’s this weekend to stay the night and take her to church.  I left my scriptures and book at home and since I am at the part comparing Isaiah and the fact that I am afraid to tackle it on my own, I skipped the night.  I have not yet found them “delightful” and try as I may, I cannot decipher Isaiah without a little help. But I did want to write a few notes about the talks in Sacrament meeting.  It was such a good meeting with some great speakers.  The topic was “Be of Good Cheer”  The first speaker was a young woman that had recently moved to Morgan.  I am not sure the connection as she is single and working in Salt Lake with her family living out of state.  She concentrated her talk on our purpose here on earth, explaining that one of our greatest purposes is have joy.  She related how she struggles with that in her own life and how this talk helped her learn how to better find that.  Her talk was based on the fact that we will have joy when we are keeping ALL of the commandments.  So she has decided to take the 10 commandments and find the areas that she needs improvement on.  I am like her in that I think we can check off Thou Shalt Not Kill, but after that it is a little less rosey for me.

One that she said she needed to work on was no other God’s before me.  What are we putting before God?.  She said that she reads the scriptures every night but it is usually after a night watching TV and then she is tired and unable to read much or concentrate and then by the time she prays she is almost asleep.  She felt she could improve by reversing the time commitment.

She had some great quotes that I wish I had written down because I can’t remember them or who said them

One that I thought was so good was if we were on a train and went through a dark tunnel, we would not tear up  our ticket and ask to be let off , we would sit in our seats and trust in the conductor

The other quote was that no one will be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We need to take those small moments and cherish them and they will help us though the others.

I truly wish I had written the others down because there were so many.  I am not sure what the Lord is trying to tell me because this last week my reading and now these talks have focused so much on my happiness and joy being linked to my energy and commitment to the gospel.  Nothing is going to change in my life if I don’t focus on these things.  I have such moments of pure joy as I try to envelope myself in the gospel and then my natural man side takes over and lets those old nagging thoughts enter my mind that I am not doing enough, I am not worthy enough for what I am asking for.  Then I find it a little harder to focus on my recommitments  Satan knows me oh so very well.  But as the talk said cherish those moments of joy and link them to why the joy is present.  TRY A LITTLE HARDER TO BE A LITTLE BETTER..



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