The Best Day for the Best Dog

02 Jul


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There are people that come into you life and make such an impact that you will never be the same.  I have had a few people in my life like that, but to be honest, I cannot think of anyone that has made an impact on me like Layne.  Now for those of you that know me, you know Layne.  He came into my life when my crazy son purchased him his freshman year at college.  He did that without asking his landlord or all of his roommates.  He became a constant companion of Jace that first year of college and could be seen sitting in the front seat of his truck wherever he went.  There was something very unique about Layne from the start and he wasn’t like other dogs.  We joked a lot that he never knew he was a dog and politely tolerated the other members of the canine species.  He was much more comfortable around humans and felt that was where he belonged..  He did not know what it was like to sleep on the floor, much less outside.  He preferred a bed and his favorite spot on the couch.  He was known to whine at the feet of visitors that had mistakenly sat in his spot. When Jace left on his mission, I know that leaving Layne was the hardest thing he had to do.  It would have been much easier to leave a steady girl.  I was given the job of taking care of Layne while he was gone.  I think those first few weeks that I missed Jace so much, I filled the empty space with Layne.  I think it was at that time we developed the bond that would grow and last for years.  We both missed Jace so much and having him close by me helped in a way that I cannot explain. The plan was that Jace would take him back when he returned, but by then the bond was not to broken.  He was mine. I cannot express in words the joy that dog brought me and the rest of the family during the ten years we were privileged to be his family.   Many times I would express what I would do if I ever lost him, but nothing prepared me for that day. I have often wondered why Layne meant so to me and I think I understand.  Layne loved me with all is heart.  Many dogs love and give love vey easily.  For Layne, his love and loyalty was given to a select few and those that had it, had it unconditionally.  Layne for some reason, chose me to love the deepest and I feel so honored to have had that.  When I was around, he could not be budged away from my side, even for his favorite treat cupboard.  He felt my happiness and my sorrow and had a way of easing the latter.  Every day, I looked forward to pulling in the garage, yelling out where is my boy, and listening for his impatient whine and scratch on the door.  He always brought me a gift to the door, whether it was a pillow, a sock, or anything he could find.  The joy was so evident in his eyes and I so looked forward to those moments. I can’t tell you how many nights Dave and I slept cramped to one side of the bed so Layne could sprawl out between us.  And for some reason, most nights it really didn’t matter. Several weeks ago, Layne started having some labored breathing.  It would come and go and I tried to convince myself it was nothing, but down deep I knew there was something wrong.  Within a week, the breathing became worse and he started losing weight.  Knowing that I was in for some bad news, I took him to the vet and my worst fears came true.  His lungs were full of cancer and they told us the best thing to do was to put him down.  As we left the vet’s office, I cannot express the sorrow that I felt. Jordan and I took him home and then proceeded to give him  his perfect day.  First I fixed him scrambled eggs and ham.  Then we bundled him up and put him in the car.  Jordan sat in the back seat and held him up as it was getting so hard to breath. We stopped for McDonalds and then ice cream and then headed to Antelope Island.  We just drove and drove with his head out the window watching the things that he loved so much.  Jordan and I just drove and cried.. When we got home, he was getting so much worse that I called Dave and had him come right home.  It was then that we went out in the backyard and said our goodbyes.  Dave had the difficult task of giving the medication, but it was done in such a loving special way, that no one else could have done the same for him at the end. This was probably the hardest thing I have ever done but I would not change anything.  You cannot hurt so bad unless you love so much.  I feel sorry for those that have not experienced this kind of unconditional love Layne taught me so many things and I am better because of him

  • He taught me to love with all my heart
  • He taught me to be loyal
  • He taught me that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved
  • He taught me the joy of simple things
  • He taught me not to hold a grudge
  • He taught me to always greet others with enthusiasm
  • He taught me the importance of giving gifts to others
  • He taught me that you should always eat treats
  • and so much more……..

Layne I miss you every day but I know that it would not be Heaven if you were not there waiting for me with a pillow. Video of Layne’s last ride!!!!!!

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