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New Year-New Resolutions and a Quiet Book

This past year has brought many struggles and triumphs as we have dealt with Dave’s diagnosis and treatments.  We have grown more this past year than any other time in our lives.  I am so grateful to a wonderful husband that I have learned so much from.

As this new year starts, one of the things that I have decided to be better at is this blog.  Not that anyone really cares about it , but that it is therapy for me.  A place I can share my thoughts and also some of the successes in my life.  I need to do that at this time as I feel so dependent on outside factors.  It  is really hard to not live from one MRI to another.  This outlet helps me so much and I need to carry on with it.

As some of you know I have the most beautiful, intelligent, funny , sweet grandbaby in the world.  A sweet little spirit straight from God that has pulled us through some very dark times.  I always know when Dave needs an EM fix and she can sure cheer him up!!  She has him wrapped around her little finger and I am sure there will be nothing that she wants that he will not move mountains to give her.

I have spent the last six months working on a quiet book for her.  I really should have thought this one through.  I can’t say how many hours I have spent on this or what it finally cost me.  Also it really set a precedent and I know I will be making more of these in the future.

I think it turned out pretty cute and she loves it.    Just a little slide show to show off the pages .

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And the Felt Food Fetish Continues

I am obsessed with my felt food.  I am not sure why I find this so addicting.  At the end of the day, after worrying about research trials, unhappy staff, mistakes and the constant pressure to be #1 in the country, I need something that takes my mind far away.  This does it for me .  I have added a few new items to my felt food collection and also a play grill for my felt cookout food.  I found this on pinterest and have added the link here:


It is so easy and pretty inexpensive.  I think I spent about $20 for all of the supplies.  These are just plastic bowls that I found at Bowmans grocery store in Kaysville, but I have seen them everywhere.  I think mine was $2.  I decided to spray paint mine the metallic silver  I used a hammered silver spray paint and it looks very authentic.  I also added some charcoals at the bottom.  I just used some spare floral foam that I had.  I carved them to look like charcoals and then spray painted them black and then added some silver to look as if they were burning.  I don’t think I would spray paint the bowls if I made this again, as the paint scratches off easily when applied to the plastic.  The bright colors would be fun for kids.   I also used a foil pie plate for my drip pan and I don’t like the look of that.  I am going to replace it with a small metal one to look a little more real.

I think it turned out so cute and will be perfect for the grandsons to come!!!

This is my latest Felt Food Dinner. I love this one.  I am not sure that kids will even know what all of this is, but I think it is awesome!!!!


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My Planter Boxes in Progress

I added a post awhile back showing the wonderful planter boxes that Jace and Krystal built for me (and Jordan painted).  I thought it would be fun to show the transition over the summer.  These have created a little oasis for us, especially in the evening during these hot summer days.  I love to turn on my cafe lights and pull out the anti-gravity chairs and just chill.  I am going to invest in a fun little speaker system at Sams next to just top it off.  A little beach boys music, the sprinkler going, and  a cold dirty diet coke .  We don’t even need to leave our back yard.

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My Planter Boxes!!!

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Last summer when Jace and Krystal were living with us prior to leaving for Washington State to finish out Vet School, they made me some wonderful planter boxes–7 more to be exact.  Jace had made me my first two right before he left on his mission.  I have some pretty great pictures of him and Dave Bayley with the chainsaw.  Looking back, not a great mix.  I do remember watching them pull and pull the cord to start it for what seemed like an hour, with sweat dripping, only to discover it was in the “off” setting. Last week, I finished planting them and I am so excited to see how they evolve over the summer.  I was so undecided on how I wanted them to be done and looked and looked for online plans, but none of them seemed to fit what I had in mind.  I finally decided to just jump in and design my own, realizing that each year I can make changes I have It is a great mixture of the vegetables we eat the most and a nice combo of cut flowers. I have a full planter box of tomatoes, a full box of squash, a full box of peppers, and then cucumbers spread throughout.  I also have a box of lettuce and herbs.  I am going to replace the lettuce with more herbs when it is harvested. I tried to pick flowers that will make great bouquets throughout the summer, mixing perennials, annuals, and bulbs. Thanks Jace and Krystal for building them and thanks Jordan for painting them.  I love them so much!!! I will do some updated pictures as the gardens grow.

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I have a new addiction and it has become sort of an obsessive compulsive disorder.  Any of you that know we , know that I am counting down the days until I have grandchildren. ( no that is not an announcement).  I am determined to be the favorite grandma, no matter what it costs me.

I was adding to my Pinterest Board “Grandma Box”, when I came across these pins for “Felt Food”  I was hooked from the very beginning.  These are little felt foods for little hands and are completely beyond words adorable.  I got on line that minute and ordered my first pattern and felt.  I was hooked.  Now each night you can see me in my chair sewing away.  I have now run out of room for all of it.  And to top it off, I am now collecting little kitchen gadgets for my soon to be kids kitchen set.  I am making that just as soon as Dave buys me my own table saw.

These patterns are everywhere and the nice thing about them is that they are all done by hand, so no lugging out a sewing machine.  Since I have a hard time at night unwinding after work, these have become my anti anxiety meds.  This is so calming for me.  Here are a few of the ones I have made.  Like I said, these patterns are everywhere on PInterest.  My favorite have come from a site called  Sweet Emma Jean.  This is also where I order my felt.  The felt you get at the craft store can be used, but is not as nice and durable as the felt that can be ordered on line.  This felt holds up well to stuffing and does not pile.  They also have every color imaginable.

This is so fun and I really cannot wait until I have a little someone to play with them.  I will keep you posted on my kitchen set!!!!

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Deseret Industries Picture Frame Trays


If I could have a dollar for every time I said ” I could make that”, I could quit my job and have a lot of time to “make that”.  I saw these at a boutique and loved them.  I also have a very large collection of frames that I have collected over the years .  Many of these were purchased at the DI for $1, so this is very inexpensive project.

I started by taking out the glass and spray painting them an off white color.  These would be cute in many other colors, but I really liked the simple white.  I was a little impatient while painting these and applied my second coat before the first coat was dry.  The paint bubbled and I had to sand them.  I was just going to sand them and then apply another coat of the paint, but I really liked the sanded look.  I added a final coat of a semi gloss spray sealer.

I then attached 2 inexpensive cabinet pulls that I got at Ace Hardware for $1.99.  I then cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the opening.  These were 8×10 inch frames so I cut the fabric10x12 inches.  I glued this around the cardboard insert in the frame.  I added a piece of quilting flannel under this to give it a little more bulk.

I then placed the fabric in the frame and finished the back off by applying glue on the back of the frame and laying a piece of brown wrapping paper on top of the glue and trimming around frame with an exacto knife.  This gives it a very finished look.





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Christmas Stockings

My choice of destination shopping has changed drastically over the years.  There have been a few spots that have survived my change in taste.  One of these is Shephard’s Bush in Ogden.



This is a quant little needlepoint store that is run by two sisters. It reminds me a little of the book store in the movie “You’ve Got Mail”.  It is filled with many of their own designs and is like stepping back in time for me.  I have always loved to cross stitch but have filled my time with other things over the past several years.  It has been about 10 years since I visited this wonderful store and I was not sure if it was still even there.  I was in Ogden last summer and decided to stop by and check it out.  It is still there and looks exactly the same.  The same two sisters are still there and look the same except for a little more grey hair.  I have always loved their Christmas stockings and made the rash decision to make new stockings for everyone.  I left the store with 4 patterns and $80 worth of floss.  I started these in June and have loved working on them.  They have passed the time while I flew to 3 meetings in DC and a road trip to Washington to take Jace and Krystal’s horses to them this past fall. I have been amazed at how relaxing this has been and can’t wait to start a new project.

I am so thrilled with how they turned out.  I gave these to the kids on Christmas Eve with their usual PJ’s.








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