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Do you Live Each Day as the Gift that it is?


Today prior to the last session of LDS conference, there was a special on Channel Five called Mitchell’s Journey.  I was so touched by this tender special about a family’s journey through the devastating disease and death of their son Mitchell.  The father had documented this journey with his blog.  Often we do not realize the impact that our lives and what we think is our very private story may have on the lives of others.  The way that this family has dealt with this trial that we all pray will never be ours is inspirational.  As I listened to this story, I wept not only for them, but for what I have taken for granted in my own life.  Do I take each trial that confronts me with the faith and spirituality that this amazing family did.  Please visit this blog.  It will change the way you look at your trials.

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Scripture Reading Journal

I was up to mom’s this weekend to stay the night and take her to church.  I left my scriptures and book at home and since I am at the part comparing Isaiah and the fact that I am afraid to tackle it on my own, I skipped the night.  I have not yet found them “delightful” and try as I may, I cannot decipher Isaiah without a little help. But I did want to write a few notes about the talks in Sacrament meeting.  It was such a good meeting with some great speakers.  The topic was “Be of Good Cheer”  The first speaker was a young woman that had recently moved to Morgan.  I am not sure the connection as she is single and working in Salt Lake with her family living out of state.  She concentrated her talk on our purpose here on earth, explaining that one of our greatest purposes is have joy.  She related how she struggles with that in her own life and how this talk helped her learn how to better find that.  Her talk was based on the fact that we will have joy when we are keeping ALL of the commandments.  So she has decided to take the 10 commandments and find the areas that she needs improvement on.  I am like her in that I think we can check off Thou Shalt Not Kill, but after that it is a little less rosey for me.

One that she said she needed to work on was no other God’s before me.  What are we putting before God?.  She said that she reads the scriptures every night but it is usually after a night watching TV and then she is tired and unable to read much or concentrate and then by the time she prays she is almost asleep.  She felt she could improve by reversing the time commitment.

She had some great quotes that I wish I had written down because I can’t remember them or who said them

One that I thought was so good was if we were on a train and went through a dark tunnel, we would not tear up  our ticket and ask to be let off , we would sit in our seats and trust in the conductor

The other quote was that no one will be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We need to take those small moments and cherish them and they will help us though the others.

I truly wish I had written the others down because there were so many.  I am not sure what the Lord is trying to tell me because this last week my reading and now these talks have focused so much on my happiness and joy being linked to my energy and commitment to the gospel.  Nothing is going to change in my life if I don’t focus on these things.  I have such moments of pure joy as I try to envelope myself in the gospel and then my natural man side takes over and lets those old nagging thoughts enter my mind that I am not doing enough, I am not worthy enough for what I am asking for.  Then I find it a little harder to focus on my recommitments  Satan knows me oh so very well.  But as the talk said cherish those moments of joy and link them to why the joy is present.  TRY A LITTLE HARDER TO BE A LITTLE BETTER..



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Feast Upon My Words


I love the start of a new year as it seems to give me that desire to improve areas of my life that I have been neglecting.  I hate to admit that each year they are somewhat the same.  If I really thought about that, it could discourage me and cause me to ask “why bother”  But really if I am at least making the effort and setting the goals, I am moving forward, even if it is so slowly, you could miss it.

For the past several years, I have felt in somewhat a rut.  I do not feel as if I am moving towards anything or making myself better.  I have a saying up in my house from President Hinckley that states “Try a little harder to be a little better”.  I love that saying as he is not saying be perfect but just try a little harder.  For me that has been the deal breaker, because if I can’t do it all, I just don’t do it.  So as soon as I make a mistake or miss a night of scripture study, I stop.  This year my goal is to do exactly that.  Just be a little better today than yesterday

I have a favorite saying by Mother Tersea that helps to keep on track and not get so discourage.

God doesn’t require us to succeed; he only requires that you try – Mother Teresa

I do know that when I am focused on the things that are important, it is much easier to deal with the things that aren’t.  It is not necessarily what I am doing wrong, but what I am not doing right.

In past years I have set complicated goals that never reached fruition so this year I am setting very basic ones and building on them


  1. Daily Scripture Study.  I am reading the Book of Mormon now along with the book “Verse by Verse- The Book of Mormon.  I am taking a chapter at a time in the scriptures and then reading the accompanying section in the book.  I am making a short (doable) note each night of something I learned that night.  I am posting the notes here on the blog so that I have easy access to them in one place.  Hopefully even if you are not LDS or believe in the Book of Mormon and are reading this, the message will be one of joy and hope.
  2. Faithful Temple attendance-monthly


  1. Track food on WW app-when I was doing this faithfully I was very successful
  2. Exercise 3 times a week.


  1. Start a budget and stick with it.
  2. Have a wedding fund

Date night once a month with Dave

Like I said they are basic and I can expand from there.  These are my cornerstones of self improvement and I think will increase my joy of life and make the other areas of my life more successful

The title of this blog is Feast Upon my Words.  I have been reading faithfully every night and I have found a strange thing happen.  At first it was get through my evening read so I could get on to my novel or check Pinterest , but slowly I have found myself becoming engrossed in what I am reading and I find things in the verses that I have never noticed before.  For the first time, I find myself saying, Boy this is meant for me.


I am reading in 2 Nephi 9:13-16, where it is talking about when we are resurrected and brought before our judgment and have a perfect knowledge of our sins –every thought and action.  It points out that we would not even need a judgment as we will be able to recollect everything in our life and will know which kingdom we would be worthy of.  This caused me to really stop and consider all the little things I think, say and do each day and how I really do not want some of them replayed.  I feel the need to refine my thoughts and actions as to make the good thoughts and actions my default behavior.  This is very evident in the example that Dave sets.  He has over the past few years become very faithful in his scripture study and I can see the effects of that in his everyday behavior and his intolerance of worldly things.  Sometimes that can be very annoying when I like those worldly things!!!! But reading tonight has shed a new light on his life choices. Believe it or not he chooses scripture study over the “Bachelor”.

2 Nephi 50-51   I love how it states “Feast upon that which is not perishable”.  I had never really thought about this scripture until tonight.  How many things do we participate in everyday that do not make a difference or help us grow?  It is a lesson in spiritual economics. If we are spending time with these things that do not matter, we do not have time for the things that do.  How much time is wasted with things such as TV, facebook, pinterest et?.  John Bytheway stated “Satan works more from distraction than confrontation”.  I know this is how he gets me.  I am easily distracted. These things are enjoyable and are okay to do within moderation.  We need to balance it with the things that matter most.

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I Have a Dream!!!

I sound a little like Martin Luther King, but with a much more materialistic dream.  I have had this dream for some time now and it is a little of a joke in our family.  Sometimes I think that my purpose in life is to give my kids something to laugh at.   I joke about it all the time, but there is a part of me that says “why not?”.  I have read about other people with similar dreams that make them come true and become very successful.  I bet there was a time when Debbie Fields wondered if anyone would buy her cookies!!!!!  Now look at her.  I am also realistic enough to realize that for all those that have success, there are thousands that have failed and lost alot of money. With Dave being self employed and now Jace planning on coming into the practice, there needs to be somewhat of a stabilizing factor, which would be my job.  It will always be there and give us that security.  It is a great job,very flexible, provides great benefits and the pay ain’t bad, but I STILL HAVE A DREAM!.    I am a creative, event planner, and food truck driver trapped in the body of a boring research nurse coordinator.  So I plan and dream and that helps a little.

So I really have two dreams.


I want to own a food truck and provide good healthy homemade lunches to people.  The name of the food truck would be  “MAMA HILLS BOXED LUNCH”  The truck will look like a boxed lunch and we would serve all the lunches in cute little boxes

We would serve  fresh salads, hot rolls, great desserts and daily specials.  Some ideas are brisket sandwiches, fried egg BLTs. just to name a few.  Drinks would include the usual soft drinks and italian sodas.  I just think people want great food instead of the hamburger and fry lunch so many fall back on.  This would be a dream come true for me.

My next dream is just as expensive, but I am known for my expensive taste. 



I would love to purchase an old barn (gotta be old), fix it up and rent it out for weddings and events.  These are becoming so popular and they are really hard to come by around this area. I have googled them and there are a few, but none of them are close enough to Davis County to make this reasonable.  It could also be used for other events and what a great place for a kids party.

I would love to provide the whole package including the cataring. 

So if anyone is reading this and you are moderately (or extremely) wealthy and think boy these sound like great ideas, give me a call.  I could spend your money very well.

For now I will just dream, but who knows!!!!

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The Best Thing I Can Share


This blog has been a wonderful place for me to share things that I find most rewarding in my life: my family, my love of cooking, my photography and many personal thoughts and feelings.  It is a way for me to unwind and clear my head.  It is at these times when I am quietly writing, that I seem to sort things out and reestablish some priorities in my hectic life.  It seems that the things that are cluttering up my life, are not always the things that are most important  Some of them must stay out of necessity, but some need to be pruned back in order for the more important branches to thrive and grow.  Since I have been back to work full time, and especially since taking my current position at the hosptial, I have had a difficult time even watering those branches, let alone helping them grow.

I taught a lesson in church on Sunday, and we talked about sharing our religious beliefs using the technology we have today.  I immediately thought of this blog.  I spend hours hunting new recipes and sharing them, but have failed to share the one thing that defines who I am.  I am a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I have been a member all of my life and come from a very active family. 

I think I always knew I believed, but I really discovered it for myself my freshman year of college when I was on my own for the first time.  I had come from a small Utah town and always lived amongst others of the same faith. This was the first time I met and was questioned by others of different faiths.  And I was ashamed that I did not know the answers and found myself doubting for the first time.

I can remember meeting the cutest guy at the ice cream parlor at Weber State.  I gained about 5 pounds before he ever asked me out.  He invited me to church and figuring everyone in Utah was Mormon, said sure.  I was surprised to pull into another church that was so different from what I had grown up going to.  There was live music and everyone was very vocal.  There were amazing people there and it was a very lively and entertaining service.  At the end the reverend asked all to pray for the non believer in their midst.  It wasn’t until later that I discovered that non believer was me.

What I learned that day is that there are wonderful people everywhere and every religion has so many great and true things.  If a religion makes you want to be a better person, it cannot be bad.  But I did feel something missing.  I decided that it was time for me to learn for myself which church was true.

I read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover for the first time ( I am ashamed to say that ).  I also met with some missionaries and read the discussions that they give to investigators.  Then I prayed about it.  And  I knew that it was true.  Not that my parents told me, not that it was what I had been raised to believe, not that all my brothers believed it, but that I believed it.  I think that every religion has many great things but I believe with all of my heart that the LDS church has the complete gospel, as Jesus Christ taugth while he was on the earth.

I am not one to try to convert or share the gospel, in fact it scares me to death.  But when I think about it, why would I not want to share the most important thing in my life. It is the guide for what I believe and how I act ( or should act).  It is the promise that I wil have my wonderful husband and 3 amazing children forever, not just on this earth. It teaches me to give of myself always and to serve others.

I would love to share the Book of Mormon with anyone that would like the opportunity to read it.  I will send it to you with a special witness from me and my family.

If I am going to share the best homemade rolls with the world, why not the best message.

You can email me at  for your free copy.

I challenge you to do what I did, read and pray.

If you are interested in talking to the Mormon missionaries you can find them at



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