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What Were We Thinking ?

walt and charlie

One of my most recent posts documented the purchase of our newest family member.  The fact that there have been very few posts since, may have something to do with that purchase.  You can look back and see what a very cute and cuddly puppy he was.  Well fast forward that several months and you have 40 extra pounds and a somewhat destroyed house.  We have always been dog lovers and dog owners and this has been an entirely new experience for us.  I guess it is always a good idea to research a dog breed before you purchase.  If any of you have seen the movie “Marley and Me”, well Walt puts old Marley to shame.

The other day I was looking at articles about Weimaraners and read the following:

Weimaraners are devoted and loving members of the family. But they are not the type of dog to follow rote commands or have predictable habits. Though smart, Weims can be selective about when and how they use their intelligence. For example, they may yawn while being taught how to “stay” or “roll over,” but the moment you turn your back, they’ve figured out how to turn a doorknob and sneak outside. 

Weimaraners have the tendency to rule the household if they are not trained properly. A strong-willed owner—with the time and ability to train, socialize and play—is almost essential. As with most dogs, neglect or poor treatment of a Weim can lead to destructive behavior that could include property damage, excessive barking and soiled carpets.

Very gentle and kind, Weimaraners can inadvertently knock things (and people) over. For this reason, they are probably not the best apartment dwellers. Make sure they get plenty of exercise and (if possible) a yard to play in.

On the subject of yards, Weims are very good at escaping them. Known to unlatch gates and jump fences, they can also dig like groundhogs.

Maybe I should have read this earlier, but then maybe I would have missed out on one of the most loving dogs I have ever known.  He may cause a lot of property damage but he has stole my heart.

walt and santa doll

Don’t worry mom, I will protect you from this scary man in the white beard.  I know he got away the first 10 times I tried to get him, but he isn’t getting away this time.  I am just waiting for you to leave the room.  This won’t be pretty!!

walt and christmas tree skirt

So what you are saying is that I cannot wear this pretty gold Christmas Tree Skirt.  Why didn’t you just come out and say that the first 20 times I took it off the tree!! Oh and about all those ornaments–they just were so fun to watch roll down the stairs and break!









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